Why boulou blue

Why Jamaica?

  • Quality of Life ​

    Jamaica has a high human development rank as it relates to life expectancy, literacy, education, standards of living (United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Human Development Index, 2019).​

  • Political Stability​

    Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) agreed to lend Jamaica US15 million, which the country will use to develop a pipeline of BPO talent. ​

  • Cultural Affinity​

    African and European influences dominate the culture; however, the Spanish, Irish, Indians, Chinese and Germans have all left their mark. The Jamaican people are inherently warm and friendly.​

  • Scalability and Flexibility​

    There is potential for growth of BPOs in the urban and rural capitals. The country welcomes foreign business ventures in this sector and seeks to ensure that the necessary laws and policies facilitate these efforts and benefits all stakeholders. ​

  • Educated and Skilled Workforce​

    Global Services Sector (GSS) projects locally also push to upskill the BPO labor source, preparing secondary school students by providing technical, language, and communication skills training, customer service certification courses, and career advancement programs for customer service and data operations.​

  • Cost-Effective Labor

    40%-60% cost savings compared to US call centers​

  • English-Speaking Workforce​

    Primary education based on the British system with increasing American influence on language and culture​

  • Government Support​

    The Jamaican government has established a BPO Task Force to facilitate ease of doing business and investing through the provision of tax incentives.​

  • High-Quality Infrastructure​

    Possesses the necessary infrastructure, utilities, transportation, technology, and telephony systems.​

  • Strategic Location​

    Jamaica is only a short flight away from most major US airports. It also shares the same time zone as many sections of the US. Therefore, establishing a technology footprint in this country provides a reasonable degree of accessibility and ease in servicing customers on a similar clock as the US –based clients.​


From seasoned industry veterans to dynamic young talents, each member of Boulou Blue is handpicked for their commitment to service excellence, ensuring that our clients receive the highest standards of support.